Our Best Hope

In preparing for a discussion this week of America’s Schools at a Turning Point, I was reminded why superintendents are our best hope for creating a movement to restore local control of our nation’s public schools.  Here is what I wrote:  “One of the most serious problems now facing our country is that the vast majority of Americans no longer trust most our major institutions.  Fortunately, the American people still have faith in their local public schools.  In the 45th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools,” citizens reported that they are highly satisfied with their local schools.  Having worked with superintendents throughout my career, the public’s faith in their local schools is nearly always justified. I can state without hesitation that most superintendents are honest, dependable, and caring individuals.  Even more importantly, they have the best interest of their students and communities in mind.  They know how our schools are really doing, and they are ideally positioned to help lead a frank and open national grassroots discussion about the future of education reform.”  This is why the statewide movement being led by the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network has a real chance of working.

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