A Breath of Fresh Air

Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost is a breath of fresh air.  Yost recently spoke at a conference of the Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals and told the school data managers that he wishes state leaders could set more durable policies to govern education:  “I can’t think of another product anywhere in the world that would have a 13-year development cycle — K-to-12, our product is an educated child — and we change the metrics, the definitions, what we’re looking for, and the process, and the manufacturing line every single year. How do you do that?”  I’m hoping the next governor…I hope that they come to the Legislature on their first day…and say ‘Folks, I know you all care about our kids.  I know you care about education.  I want you to send me one bill, do it before June 1, and I’m going to sign it.  And then don’t send me anything else because if you send me anything else in the next four years I’m going to veto it.  These people deserve to know what the rules of the road are.”

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