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In a recent book review for the OH ASCD Journal, Moira Erwine encourages members of her Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to read America’s Schools at a Turning Point:  And how we THE PEOPLE can help shape their future and to have community discussions about how the education reform movement is impacting our public schools.  Moira, who is Director of Professional Development and Curriculum Instruction for the Educational Service Center of Lorain County, Ohio, writes:

“Can we shape the future of America’s Schools?  Author Corky O’Callaghan urges Americans who believe in our country and want to make a difference to read his book—America’s Schools at a Turning Point—and have courageous conversations with the public.  The increasing burdens put on public schools have hit all of us hard this year as we all struggled to prepare for next generation assessments.  Many of us were also hit with parents who were opting out.  The impact of education reform illustrated in Chapter Two realistically addresses over-testing and the division we are feeling in our communities.  Who is missing from the National Discussions?  As you read the book you will see who the big players are in this game.  An honest approach will inform readers on just where the Common Core initiatives have come from and how important it is to step up to the plate.  Is there hope?  O’Callaghan describes several ways that all readers can take action.  I encourage you to read the book and have community discussions today!”




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