Cleaning Up the Mess from Sacred Cows

A friend, colleague and former superintendent, Charlie Irish and I are in the early stages of writing a book titled, Cleaning Up the Mess from Sacred Cows.  Before settling on this somewhat provocative title, we wrestled with whether we should take the safe route and tone it down or go for broke and say what we really think.  Since what we really think is that too many faulty assumptions and misguided beliefs are driving the conventional wisdom impacting public education and too many educational leaders are buying into them, our decision was easy.  We’re going for broke.  We’ve taken off the kid gloves of political correctness and replaced them with shovels to clean up the mess from sacred cows which, until now, have been immune to criticism or questioning.  Throughout this book, we will expose sacred cow thinking that is jeopardizing the future of our local public schools and threatening to derail a statewide movement launched four years ago by Ohio’s school superintendents to save public education.




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