Same Conclusion from Different Perspectives

A champion of public education and author of Schools Cannot Do It AloneJamie Vollmer discusses how the mountain of social, psychological, and medical responsibilities that have been heaped upon the schoolhouse door has become an ever increasing burden on America’s public schools.  John McKnight has reached the same conclusion but from a different perspective.  Codirector of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at DePaul University and a Kettering Foundation senior associate, McKnight reports in “The Educating Neighborhood:  How Villages Raise Their Children” that in one or two generations villages have lost their power to raise children and their functions have largely been transferred to the schools.  He explains that these transfers have created teachers who often feel overwhelmed by all of these responsibilities and, as a result, diminished their capacity to teach those things for which they were prepared.  His article appeared in the 2017 issue of CONNECTIONS, an annual journal of the Kettering Foundation.


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