Consequences of Opting Out of State Testing?

If a public school district in the state of Ohio formally opted out of participating in state and federally mandated testing, what would occur?  This was the question posed on April 22 by Little Miami Local Schools Superintendent Greg Power and his Board of Education to Dr. Richard Ross, State Superintendent for Public Instruction for the Ohio Department of Education.  Here is the response from J. Christopher Wollard, Senior Executive Director, Agency Fellow, Harvard Strategic Data Project:

Thank you for your question.  Information related to student participation on state tests can be found at here<>. Unfortunately, the Ohio Department of Education is unable to speak to the specific consequences that may come as a result of your district choosing not to participate in state testing.  You would need to consult with your district’s legal counsel for a comprehensive answer.  Furthermore, you can reach out to the US Department of Education to discover what they would do as a result of this choice.  In an effort to provide some guidance, the links below may be able to give you some context for how the USDOE has responded to similar inquiries in other states.  I hope this information is helpful.

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