Discussing His Concerns with Parents and the Community

In a letter to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Ross, Little Miami Local Schools Superintendent Greg Power shared the sentiments of many superintendents throughout Ohio:   “As an advocate for the children of the Little Miami Learning Community, I can no longer remain silent regarding the legislated testing and assessment madness that has been thrust upon our schools.  What has been occurring over the last several years and what is about to be unleashed upon our students and staff is nothing short of government malpractice.”  I recently spoke with Greg and asked him if he planned to discuss his concerns with his parents and community.  He said yes and provided the following update:

“I met with our District PTO parent reps, reviewed the contents of my letter to the state superintendent and discussed more specific details of our concerns with state assessment.  In addition, each PTO rep received two copies of America’s Schools at a Turning Point (one for themselves, and one to give to a friend).  As a result of this meeting, I am now meeting with our individual building PTO’s in evening meetings that are being promoted to parents.  I will speak on the assessment topic at these meetings as well.  Through the PTO Reps, I have made it known that I am interested and willing to come to their homes for neighborhood coffees to discuss the assessment topic.  When my parents hear more detail around this issue, they become very upset and concerned.  We are having great conversations with repeated thankful comments being given to us as a district for looking out for their kids.  They want to do something about this.  Pat Burns, our District 4 State Board of Education member, has reached out to all of the superintendents in her district (Warren and Hamilton counties) seeking our feedback on the proposed budget and testing.  As a  result of an email I sent her, she has requested a meeting.  We are trying to schedule it in April.  We plan on having some of my key staff, a few of our board members and some parents attending this meeting.”

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