A Great Question

When I was sharing with one of my Green Valley, Arizona, friends the fact that I had recently completed writing a new book about our nation’s public schools, he politely but bluntly asked me a great question:  “Since my kids are no longer in school, why should I be interested in reading it?”  I thought about his question for a few seconds and then responded.  I said that America’s Schools at a Turning Point:  And how we THE PEOPLE can help shape their future is not just about our public schools.  It is also about our country.  It is about hope and trust and how the American people will put their differences aside and come together and make a difference when they are told the truth.

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  • That’s so true, Corky! If ever there was a time when Americans needed to unite with a common goal of improving our education system, it is now! So many folks I talk to are concerned and frustrated, and your book offers concrete strategies for how we can begin to get involved and facilitate the changes we envision. Thanks for making this resource available to the “common man”.

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