Heights Coalition for Public Education

Parents, teachers and members of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights community have joined together to form the Heights Coalition for Public Education and are calling on Congress and the Ohio Legislature to “end their war on public education and regain a responsible approach to education in a democracy.”  The product of a community book discussion on education policy, the Heights Coalition for Public Education wants to:

  • Abandon high-stakes testing, which is an invalid use of standardized tests to judge, label and punish children, teachers and schools.
  • Prohibit the use of public funds for privately run, unregulated and profit-making charter schools that weaken public education and diminish the common good.
  • Fulfill their constitutional obligation to provide adequate and equitably distributed funds for a thorough education for all children.
  • Embrace locally-developed assessments of student learning that inform instruction, support a broad curriculum, and encourage creative and higher level thinking.
  • Value, trust, and invest in the development of teachers as respected and effective professionals.


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