An Important Message from Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids is an influential voice in shaping the accountability system for Ohio’s public schools.  In a recent policy statement entitled “Shaping Accountability for the 21st Century,” Battelle for Kids President and CEO Karen Garza wrote:  “Historically, state-level assessments have been developed around what is easy to measure, not necessarily what matters most to support students’ long-term success.  As school systems embrace new ways of preparing the whole child, more complex, comprehensive models of assessment are needed to measure progress around this changing definition of success.  These new models of assessment—such as project-based assessment, student-led assessment, and performance-based assessment—require more time, intensive professional learning, and more support for educators to employ in the classroom.  But when done well, they provide educators, students, and parents with much richer information about students’ learning and future readiness.”

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