An Invitation to Help Spread the Word

Superintendents and other educational leaders throughout Ohio are being invited to co-sign an open letter asking state legislators, State School Board members and Department of Education leaders to not only listen to them but to involve them:  “Many stakeholders throughout the State of Ohio are partnering with our teachers, students, school boards, parent leaders, fellow educators and others to express our concern and displeasure regarding the current reality that we face in our urban, rural and suburban public school districts. While our districts are as diverse as our state, we are united in our message to you.  We have a very clear and common goal—more thoughtful and collaborative decision making from those that we have elected to represent us.  We have joined to create a coalition with the hopes of persuading you to not only listen to us, but hear and involve us.”

Thus, far the letter has been signed by 27 superintendents and the presidents of seven boards of education.  It also has been endorsed by the president of the Ohio Education Association.  To co-sign the letter and help spread the word, contact Olmsted Falls City Schools Superintendent Jim Lloyd at




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