Meeting Set with School, Township and City Officials

In one Ohio school district, the growing desire to take back local control is no longer just an educational concern.  On September 30, officials from the Vandalia-Butler City School District, Butler Township and the City of Vandalia will be meeting to discuss how the increase in government intrusion and resulting loss of local control are impacting not just their schools but their entire community.  “Local public officials here are beginning to realize that we have a lot in common when it comes to our concern about the loss of local control,” stated Vandalia-Butler Superintendent Brad Neavin, one of the leaders in a grass roots initiative to provide Ohio’s citizens with a stronger voice in shaping statewide education policy.  “Whether it is reducing state funding, instituting burdensome EPA rules and regulations or implementing some other government mandate, the ultimate impact is the continuing erosion of local control of our communities.”

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