Mobizing Community Support at Little Miami

When Ohio’s superintendents recently had an opportunity to share their concerns about the state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, Greg Power was able to immediately tap into a communication system he has created for engaging with his community and mobilizing public support.  Superintendent of the Little Miami Local School District in Warren County, Greg currently has 1,395 followers on his Twitter feed and 1,200 levy supporters on his Facebook site.  He also publishes a blog linked to his school district’s website and meets with county-wide leaders every other month to discuss business, political and education issues.  Recently, he and his colleagues met in a relaxed get-to-know-one-another setting with his newly elected state senator and state representative.  “What we are trying to do,” Greg said, “is build our own grassroots constituency so we can become more impactful on the political decision making framework in Columbus.”

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