Need More from Our Public Engagement

I recently read a powerful quote about public engagement that is timely and relevant for the grassroots movement being led by the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network to provide Ohio’s citizens with a stronger voice in shaping education policy in our state.  The quote appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of the Kettering Review from Martin Carcasson, professor of communication studies at Colorado State University and founder and director of  the CSU Center for Public Deliberation.  He states:  “Based on our knowledge of wicked problems, we know we need much more from our public engagement.  Providing opportunities for people to express their opinions is simply the first step.  Beyond that, we need our public process to allow people to develop mutual understanding and trust.  We need processes that help us elevate quality arguments and expose weak or manipulative ones.  We need processes that incite learning and refinement of opinions.  We need processes that spark creativity and innovation, and ultimately lead to co-creation and collaborative action.”

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