More Promises to Fix Our Schools

It was predictable.  On Tuesday night as the election returns rolled in and the victory speeches began, one after another, the victors promised – no doubt with good intentions – to reform our education system and fix our “failing” schools.   My point here is not to bash our political leaders.  I believe that most of them are sincere and doing what they feel they have been elected to do – which is to represent us, serve as our voice and fix our problems.  The big problem, however, is that they are hearing from everyone but the American people when it comes to education.  And there is good reason for this. Other than the growing public concern about the Common Core, most people are in the dark about how our nation’s education reform movement is impacting our schools and communities.  They are unaware that our students are being over tested, our teachers are physically and emotionally exhausted and our tax dollars are being diverted to the corporate sector to replace our public schools with a privately managed, free market system of education.  As long as our citizens remain in the dark about the impact of education reform, nothing significant is going to change for our public schools.

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