Ready for a Change

As the general election winds down, I’m going to make a bold prediction.  My prediction, however, has nothing to do with any of the candidates seeking public office.  Rather, it is about the American people. Bombarded by an onslaught of negativity day after day, the vast majority of our citizens have reached the saturation point with the avalanche of degrading insults which has become commonly accepted practice in today’s political campaigns.  Moreover, I believe this strategy of humiliation and deception will soon, if it hasn’t ready done so, hit a tipping point.  When it does, the American people and our policymakers will have a golden opportunity to begin working together to effectively address the real issues and concerns facing our nation.  Those who design and run political campaigns underestimate how much the American people are ready for a change.  But that change is not so much a change in political leadership as it is a change of tone in our political process.

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