A Relaxed and Productive Discussion

Wednesday night, Meryl Johnson, who was recently elected to the State Board of Education, didn’t mince any words in stressing the importance of engaging citizens in the process of shaping statewide education policy. She assured 25 school and parent leaders in the Bedford City School District that our state policymakers pay close attention when they hear from Ohio’s citizens.  Wednesday’s discussion was organized and hosted by Bedford City School Superintendent Andrea Celico who provided the following overview:

Our discussion with Mrs. Johnson was relaxed and productive.  She opened the evening by sharing why she decided to run for the State School Board and what she has learned since taking office this January.  Our staff and parents were very comfortable sharing their heart-felt concerns which included the negative impact of high stakes testing of our students.  One of the most important outcomes of Wednesday’s discussion was everyone’s positive reaction to learning about the grassroots movement being led by the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network to provide Ohio’s citizens with a stronger voice in shaping statewide education policy.  Learning that other groups of citizens around the state are having similar discussions with policymakers seemed to generate a sense of hope that working together we can make a difference.

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