School Advocacy Network Formed in Southwest Ohio

Tomorrow, a newly formed coalition of superintendents from southwest Ohio is holding a news conference to announce the formation of the School Advocacy Network.  The mission of this network of nearly 40 school districts is to launch a grass roots initiative to help take back local control of the public schools in the Buckeye state.  To accomplish this goal, citizens will be engaged in frank and open conversations about how the education reform movement is impacting their school systems and communities.  These conversations will include parent meetings, discussions with community leaders, informal coffee conversations in people’s homes and district-wide state of the schools meetings.  Deer Park City Schools Superintendent Jeff Langdon is one of the superintendents who will be speaking at Monday’s news conference and he summed up why the School Advocacy Network was formed:  “Our students are being over tested, our teachers are being overwhelmed by the burdens being placed upon them by the state and our tax dollars are being siphoned away from our public schools to charter schools.  It is time to let our communities know what is happening.”

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