State-mandated Test for Kindergarteners

In Ohio, entering kindergarten students are required to take a state-mandated Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) exam.  In recent testimony before the Ohio Senate Education Committee, Jessie Rindler, a veteran kindergarten teacher for the Kettering City Schools, didn’t mince words in sharing how KRA testing is negatively impacting the academic growth of her students:  “This test is not used to inform my work with my students.  It is getting in the way of my very intentional work of authentically instructing and assessing the needs of my students.  It is of little value because it takes so long to administer.  The time used to administer it could be used to provide critical interventions.  I question the developmental appropriateness of that much testing for young students, some of whom are four years old, have never been in school before, and may not speak English.  Many students, especially fragile populations of students, show signs of stress and fatigue during testing.  Some are unable to effectively use technology or appropriately seek support for technology problems as they arise.  The downfalls are many.”

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