Superintendents’ Efforts Appreciated

The fact that a growing number of school superintendents are taking a stand on high stakes testing and its impact on both students and teachers isn’t going unnoticed.  A Cincinnati Enquirer article published last Thursday reports that more area school parents are taking a “none of the above” stance and yanking their kids from what they say is excessive new testing and some area school superintendents are joining them by taking rare, public positions in opposition to state education officials’ backing of new Common Core-inspired testing for grades three through 12 in Ohio.  Lakota school parent Ann Becker, who has opted her three children out of the testing in the Butler County district, praised superintendents’ recent criticisms.  “I’m very encouraged by it and I think more superintendents will start to step up,” said Becker, who is also President of the Cincinnati Tea Party and a long-time critic of Common Core.  The more people talk about the testing, the more people are realizing it doesn’t benefit kids and the opposition is starting to snowball,” said Becker.


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