Support for Tom Lasley Growing

The appointment of the next Ohio State Superintendent of Public Instruction is a pivotal decision with broad ramifications for the future of the public schools in our state.  Within the past week, it appears that support for one of the candidates, Thomas Lasely, is growing among a number of superintendents supporting the work of the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network and its grass roots initiative to restore local control of Ohio’s public schools.  Dean of the University of Dayton’s School of Education for 12 years, Tom has spent the last five years building a partnership between school districts, charter schools and Catholic schools as head of Learn to Earn, a community effort to better prepare kids in and around Dayton for careers. One of the his strong supporters is Vandalia-Butler City Schools Superintendent Brad Neavin who in an email to many of his colleagues said:  “I am sure you would all agree this is a critical time for Ohio’s system of public education and there is no more important decision to be made than that of who will serve at the helm of the Ohio Department of Education.   Tom Lasley is a finalist for the position of Ohio State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  I’ve attached a copy of Tom’s application for the position and would encourage you to look it over.  My hope is that superintendents across the State will consider offering support for Tom either individually or collectively.  Tom is a strong supporter of public schools, public school superintendents, and, most importantly…. public school students!”

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