Survey Report Being Shared

Fairbanks Local Schools Superintendent Bob Humble reports he will meeting with his state legislators and sharing the results of the four in-depth public opinion surveys generated by the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network over the past 16 months.  The basic message from these surveys is that there is a wide gap between the views of many of Ohio’s citizens and a number of statewide education policies that are currently in place. The survey shows that the vast majority of citizens believe their public schools are doing a good job of preparing children for their future and they want their boards of education to be in control of them.  They also want less government regulation and fewer government mandates impacting their schools, they are opposed to using their tax dollars to support private schools and for-profit charter schools, and they feel that student test scores should not be used to evaluate their teachers.  In addition to meeting with his legislators, Bob, who is a member of the leadership team for the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network, plans to publish the survey results on his school district website and email them to his school parents.



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