What They Really Think

On May 6, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that any student will be eligible for a voucher to cover part of the cost of their private school tuition if Ohio House Bill 290 becomes law.  It’s called the backpack method of school funding because the money follows the student wherever he or she goes.  In a request for co-sponsors, the bill’s sponsors revealed what they really think about public education:  “Families often send their children to their local school district because they have no other funded option, and the schools, guaranteed to have classrooms full of students, lack the incentive to produce higher standards.  The COVID-19 pandemic has again exposed problems within our system as many schools refused to open full time to students, despite the evidence that in-person education was safe.  Likewise, it seems every day, another story comes out of a rural, suburban, or urban school pushing harmful political agendas in the classroom.”

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