Working Together for a Common Pupose

For the past 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand how concerned citizens will drop whatever else they are doing and come together to pass tax issues and address other challenges facing their schools and communities.  This willingness to step up and make a difference is the engine now driving the grass roots movement being led by the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network to give citizens a stronger voice in shaping statewide education policy.  In her new book, Who We Choose to Be, Margaret Wheatley explains why citizens relish the opportunity to work together for a common purpose:  “In a world preoccupied with meaningless tasks, people are ever more eager to engage in work that offers a chance to contribute, to remember how good it is to be a thinking, contributing colleague.  These days, having one good conversation can reintroduce us to what it feels like to be in a satisfying human relationship.  The same is true when we have the opportunity to think together and come up with a solution to a troubling problem.”

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