Zoom Meetings with Legislators

Tuesday evening, North Royalton’s leadership team for the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network hosted a Zoom meeting with State Senator Matt Dolan.  Predictably, the bulk of the conversation centered around the current challenge of opening school this coming year.  Without getting into the weeds of what was a very congenial and productive discussion, Senator Dolan said something that I’d like to share.  Not only did he thank everyone for their valuable feedback, but he also validated the importance of their conversation by asking if he could meet with them again to learn what they are learning about the realities of reopening school amid this pandemic.  This was Senator Dolan’s second discussion with the leadership teams from OPSAN’s 10 pilot districts.  He met with Mayfield prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.  It is clear that these discussions with state legislators (which also have occurred in other OPSAN pilot districts prior to the pandemic) are building trust and confidence and should not only be continued but also expanded.  Currently, the OPSAN leadership teams from Woodridge and Deer Park are scheduling Zoom meetings with their legislative officials.

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