An Update at Little Miami

On March 3, I discussed on this blog how Little Miami Schools (Ohio) Superintendent Greg Power is taking action to share his concerns about high stakes testing and other aspects of the education reform movement with his parents and the community.  Here is a quick update from Greg:

“We have continued to meet with our parents through our district and building PTO’s.  I have shared many copies of America’s Schools at a Turning Point and we are seeing a level of concern and parent engagement on this issue that I have never seen before.  I have disseminated contact information for the State Board of Education and our legislative representatives at both the state and national levels and we have encouraged our parents to write, call, and email with a very simple message – stop the assessments and leave our kids alone. We also met with our State Board of Education Representative, Pat Burns.  A group of parents, a few of our board members and some of our administrative staff had a great dialogue with her last week and we continue to communicate regarding our concerns.”

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